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Hannah & William Crawford
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Mon, Apr 06, 2020
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“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

Mrs. Voss - Principal

Mrs. Tasha Lisle - (K-5) Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Stacy Howell - (3-5) Secretary

Mrs. Sandy Long - (K-2) Secretary

Pre-School  4th Grade  Title 1 Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Vicki Spangler

Miss Julie Reiter

Miss Lisa Smith

Mr. Scott Tinnermeier

Mrs. Tracey Sayre Mrs. Sarah Leitzy
Kindergarten 5th Grade Media Center Aides

Mrs. Leslie Bogner

Mrs. Julie Miller

Mrs. Holly Rossman        

Mrs. Cassandra Jones

Miss Amanda Routzahn            

Mrs. Sherry Frankart

Mrs. Karissa Fankhauser             

Mrs. Pat Ashbridge

Mrs. Angie Hillman

Mrs. Linda Spencer

1st Grade Specialties Band Director Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Vicki Beeson

Mrs. Caitlin Howman

Mrs. Kerri Koschnick

Mrs. Valerie Schaffner - P.E.

Mrs. Angie Wise - Music

Mrs. Sarah Galat - Art

Mr. Justin Cooper Mr. Greg Flannigan
2nd Grade Special Education School Psychologist  

Mrs. JoAnn Fogle

Mrs. Mary Martin

Miss Lesley Skaggs

Mrs. Rebecca Beck

Mrs. Joy Etter-Link

Ms. Chris Hartman

Mrs. Linsey Phillips  
3rd Grade Computer Lab Special Education Director  

Mrs. Angie Bishop

Ms. Jennifer Hickman

Mrs. Kristin Perkins

 Mrs. Jennifer Price Mr. Jim Klenk