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“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

3rd Grade

Blizzard Bags Assignments

To access Blizzard Bag files install the following free PDF application from Adobe.  

*Scroll to the bottom of Adobe's page for the install.  Acrobat Reader DC

Study Island

2019-20 ABC Rotation Calendar

Kindergarten 3rd Grade  Title 1  Specialties


Blizzard Bag #1

Blizzard Bag #2

Blizzard Bag #3

Blizzard Bag Specials

Blizzard Bags #1-3

Mrs. Tracey Sayre

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

 Mrs. Valerie Schaffner - P.E.

P.E. Rotation

Kindergarten  1st Grade  2nd Grade

3rd Grade  4th Grade  5th Grade


 1st Grade  4th Grade   Special Education  Band Director

Blizzard Bag #1, 2, 3


Blizzard Bag #1, 2, 3


Mrs. Joy Etter-Link -

1st Grade

Blizzard Bag#1  Blizzard Bag#2

Blizzard Bag#3

4th Grade

Blizzard Bag#1 Blizzard Bag#2

Blizzard Bag#3


Ms. Chris Hartman -

2nd Grade - 3rd Grade


Mr. Justin Cooper

 2nd Grade  5th Grade  Special Education Music

Blizzard Bags #1-3

Blizzard Bags #1-3

*Ms. Beck's students only

complete 5 out of 10 questions

on each Blizzard Bag.


Mrs. Kristy Smith - K-3rd Grade 

Blizzard Bag 1

Blizzard Bag 2

Blizzard Bag 3

Mrs. Angie Wise

Music Rotation

Kindergarten  1st Grade  2nd Grade 

3rd Grade  4th Grade  5th Grade 

Special Education Art



Mrs. Sarah Galat

Art Rotation

1st Grade     2nd Grade

3rd Grade  4th Grade  5th Grade