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Sat, Apr 04, 2020
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“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

Blizzard Bag Assignments

To access Blizzard Bag files install the following free PDF application from Adobe.  

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Mrs. Ashley Intro to Business   Web Design   Personal Finance
Mr. Bauer Art
Mr. Cauley
Mrs. Clime Spanish 1  Spanish 2  Spanish 3
Mr. Andy Cochran   

English II  Literature/Communications 

Mr. David Cochran Algebra II Geometry  Transition to College Math BB#1  BB#2  BB# 3
Mr. Cooper Music Theory  American Music History  HS/8th Grade Band   
Mr. Daniels Social Studies II
Mrs. Durham English I  CPR Class 
Mrs. Dzugan

Chemisty/ADV Chem   EXP. Science   Physics  

Mrs. Eachus HS Choir  Guitar  Musical Theatre
Mrs. Ehmann French I  French II
Mr. Foy Algebra 1  English 1
Ms. Halberg Anatomy  Physical Science

Mr. Kaple

Social Studies 1  American Government/Economics  
Mrs. Lyons Biology  Algebra1
Mrs. McKibben College ALG/Trig  Geometry  Calculus  Statistics BB#2 BB#3
Mrs. Parsons

College English BB#1  BB#2  BB#3 

English I  BB#1  BB#2&3

Mr. Schieber AFNR  AG Bus  Animal Science/PI Sci
Mrs. Sherk Algebra I
Mrs. Studer On Your Own  World of Foods  Creative Cooking Parenting
Mr. Swartzmiller PE  Health