“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

Colonel Crawford School Foundation (CCSF)

If we don't come together as a community to support our local schools and our children's educational needs, then we are leaving to chance what these children will become.

Colonel Crawford School Foundation was established in 1999 as an endowment to support projects within the Colonel Crawford Schools. At this time the CCSF has used donations from area residents, seed money from the Bucyrus Area Community Foundation, and money realized from various fundraising activities to establish the endowment. Since only the interest earned on the principal in the fund managed by the Community Foundation for Crawford Countycan be spent, the foundation is a long-range concept. Money that is donated to the Colonel Crawford School Foundation will always remain in the endowment, will continue to grow through the years, and will generate income that can be dispersed. In order to be in a position to award monies to the schools, additional funds will be needed to establish a more substantial base. Tax-deductible donations of any amount can be made to this foundation. Others means of supporting this organization might include making a memorial contribution or mentioning the foundation in a will. 

The governing body of the foundation is composed of twelve volunteer community members who have a strong commitment to the Colonel Crawford School District and to the education of the district students. A yearly audit is conducted.

If you wish to learn more about this organization please contact

Dale Hoyles at 419-562-5307 

Jim Mayes at 419-468-6253.


APRIL 1999

                                                                                     Martha Keller                                                    Mike Stuckman

                                                                         Ann Monnett                                                     Jim Mayes

                                                                         Brad Starkey                                                     Jim Pigman

                                                                          Dale Hoyles                                                       Barb Blackford

                                                                          Dolores Sweney                                                 Ron Shawber

                                                                                       Jack Koschnick                                                  John Spreng, Jr.

                                                                           Paul Hickman



MARCH 2018

                                                                           Brad McKibben                                                 Brad Starkey

                                                                           Dale Hoyles                                                      Jim Mayes

                                                                           Mike Tinkey                                                      Ronda Scott

                                                                           Todd Martin                                                      Mike Stuckman

                                                                           Linda Efaw                                                        Tom Brown

                                                                           Jack Koschnick                                                  Roni Halberg

                                                                           Sean Ritzhaupt

200 Club