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Dapper-Hoover Cabin Project


The Following Friends and Family have donated to "Katie's Cabin"

Norman and Sharon Huber

Chuck and Phyllis Shultz

Jim and Linda Knapp

George and Linda Bauer

Larry and Karen Grau

Richard and Gail Grau

Tim and Kathy Spencer

Chuck and Darla Studer         

Tom and Danna Walkins

Raymond and Karen Hart

Grover Reynolds

Jim and Shirley Cole

Melissa Cole-Bloomfield

Loren and Carol Gledhill

Norman Bauer

Brad and Debbie Bauer

Glen and Susie Cole

Mary Studer

Tom and Priscilla Laughbaum        

Ben and Janet Sutter

David and Diane Sutter

Ron Sutter

George and Sally Young

Janet Maddy

Laura McPeek

Bill and Donna Fisher

Jack and Mona Payne

Jerry and Carla Gerhart

Elizabeth McHenry

Jerry and Joanne Haught

Don and Barb Orewiller

Wesley Poffenbaum

Rev. Loyd and Dreama Caudill

Mary Schiefer

Crestline Golden Age Club

Thurman and Carol Mc Je

Linda Salvati

Reed and Susanne Hiltners        

David and Carol Dayme

Donald and Linda Beach

Gary and Helen Cole

April Huber

Louise Brutchey

Jerry and Pat Winters

Ken and Chris Berry

Chuck and Helga Gledhill

Ron and Connie Lutz

Howard and Lucille Gilliland

Janet Strauch

Evelyn Benham

Phyllis Manley

Janis Starling

Mary Dill

Dorlores Gieger

Barb and Carol Rowland

Dorthy Colcott

Frances Rummel

Steve and Trudy Eckstein

Jerry and Ruth Volk

John and Jane Hoffman

Ed and Janey Hout

Chuck and Sue Bauer

Karen and Gordon Davies

Naomi Pollock

Mike and Carol Rausch

Ron and Peggy Shawber

Lowell and Dorene Eckstein

Janet Oehler

Ron and Susan Keller

Margery Gledhill

Bryan and Dawn Mesnard

Betti Luidhardt and Residents of Carlisle House