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Wed, Jan 26, 2022
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“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

Colonel Crawford High School Staff

Mr. Bruner Principal 
Mr. Sheldon
Mr. Flannigan
Mr. Teglovic
Mrs. Trubee  Secretary/Director of Transportation
Mrs. Stuckman  Secretary
Mr. Bauer Drawing I, II, Painting I,II, Sculpture I, II, Art Design
Mr. Cauley Industrial Art I-IV and Mechanical Drawing I& II
Mrs. Clime Spanish I – V
Mr. Andy Cochran English II, Literature and Verbal English
Mr. Cooper Instrumental Music
Mr. Daniels Psychology, Sociology, and Social Studies II
Mrs. Durham 10th Grade Special Education, INT. II, CPR I, II
Mrs. Dzugan Physics, Chemistry, and Advanced Chemistry
Mrs. Eachus Vocal Music (6-12), Choir, Vision, Guitar I-IV, Muisical
Theatre I, II
Mr. Enders Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra I
Mr. Foy 9th Grade Special Education, Int. I
Ms. Halberg Anatomy and Physical/Earth Science
Mr. Kaple Government/Economics and Social Studies I
Mrs. Lyons Basic Biology & College Biology
Mrs. McKibben Algebra II, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus I,II
Mr. Miller Computer Technology
Mrs. Parsons College English and English I
Mr. Schieber Agricultural Education
Mrs. Schmidt Library Aide
Mrs. Sherk 11th and 12th Grade Special Education, Int. III
Mrs. Studer Family and Consumer Sciences
Mr. Swartzmiller Health & Physical Education
Ms. Wertz

Orthopedic Handicapped and Multiple Handicapped