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Hannah & William Crawford
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We have been working hard to make this year’s elementary and junior high yearbook. Each page is filled with friends, photos and fun memories! Order your child’s copy today at using your school’s Yearbook ID Code: 14216120
Thu, Apr 02, 2020
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“Eagle Excellence is being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. We believe in a brighter tomorrow for each and every student.”

Lunch Menu

March K-5 Lunch Menu

March 6-12 Lunch Menu

March Breakfast Menu



Carb and Fiber Counts for Commonlyl Used Menu Items

Wellness Policy

Type A Lunches/Breakfast

  • K-5   $2.80   $1.50
  • 6-12 $2.80   $1.50
  • Adult $3.25   $1.50
  • Reduced $0.40 $0.30

Charge Policy      

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